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It’s true that many high school student-athletes who are good college prospects do not receive scholarship offers or have the opportunity to participate in college sports. There are several reasons why this might happen. One reason is that college coaches don’t know about these athletes, either because the athletes and their parents don’t understand the recruiting process or because they are not making themselves visible enough to college coaches. Another reason is that these athletes may not meet the academic or athletic requirements for college sports or may not be a good fit for the programs and schools that are recruiting them.

Student-athletes and their parents need to understand how college recruiting works and take steps to increase their visibility to college coaches. This can include registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center, creating a profile on the EMPOWER recruiting website, and participating in showcases and camps. It’s also essential to make sure you are academically eligible to be recruited and to consider reaching out to college coaches to let them know about your interests and goals.